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What’s New on the Local, State and National level

January 2012

Indiana PHCC news

Indiana PHCC President Laura Ciriello-Benedict continues to push licensed plumbing and the FLAG program aimed at reporting unlicensed plumbers to the Indiana Attorney General. This push involves contractors and their employees filling out a form reporting anyone who is working without a license or who is advertising without listing a license. Please call the office if you know of any situations where this is occurring and we can expedite the process. The idea is to inundate the attorney general with complaints and make his office aware of the seriousness of this problem.

While Indianapolis gets ready for the Super Bowl this February, the Indiana PHCC is preparing for the Indiana Convention September 20 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Indiana polis. After being at Belterra Casino in southern Indiana for several years in July, the state association made the decision to move back to Indianapolis, in a brand new venue. The state golf outing will proceed the event at a nearby golf course. The convention will concentrate on education rather than the tabletop concept. Please mark your calendars!

National PHCC News

The National PHCC continues to work for the betterment of the industry in difficult economic times. Our fulltime Washington lobbyist has worked extrmely hard to help achieve the repeal of the 3 percent withholding tax – a piece of legislation that St. Joe Valley contractors had lobbied representatives and senators about for the past several years during the annual Legislative Conference in the nation's Capitol. NAPHCC Executive Director Gerry Kennedy reported that 47 members of Congress met with PHCC members to hear about the damaging effects of such legislation. This repeal became law and President Obama signed the repeal. Thirty two members of the House met with PHCC members about the "death tax" legislation which now has support from 193 House members.
Kennedy reported that PHCC members sent more than 3,600 letters to Congressional leaders during 2011. L

Mark Breslin returning to South Bend

Labor-Management expert Mark Breslin will be making a return trip to South Bend on Monday, February 20 as a continuation of his talk last March. More than 600 union employees and contractors attended the seminar and an even bigger crowd is expected this year. This year's event is taking place at St. Mary's College O'Laughlin Auditorium and is being organized by MACIAF. Sponsors include the St.Joe Valley PHCC, Local 172 Plumbers & Pipefitters, The National Educational Foundation, The National PHCC, MACIAF, as well as several other trade unions in the area. This seminar is critical for those in the trades – both labor and management – to understand the future and where we are going and how we are going to get there. Change is difficult, but it must be accomplished. It is not an option.

St. Joe Valley has designated an "educational fund" to help contractors attend training during 2011. The amount available is based on the hours worked per contractor in the past year. President David Dodd and the board of directors feel strongly that educational opportunities are key to the association and wants to help defray the costs involved. Applications should be submitted to the association for approval.

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